Our projects


At the entrance to our site, a small pocket of land, some 7mtr x 12mtrs, had been used as a dumping ground and storage area for at least 40 years, so a small group of volunteers decided to tidy it up.

This escalated into plans for somewhere to sit, which developed further into plans for a welcoming garden area.

Following a successful application to the Keep Wales Tidy ‘Natural Buzz’ Scheme, we then started clearing the area – and removed 6 boxes of broken glass!

14 volunteers put in over 250 hours of work.

February / March / April 2015 – The Pollinator Garden –

In preparation for wider community use and our community apiary ( A collection of beehives ), we were successful in securing a grant from Keep Wales Tidy ‘Natural Buzz’ for pollinator friendly plants and shrubs.  We cleared an area used as a dumping ground for nearly 50 years at our entrance.

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