Wildlife on our site

Whilst we’ve always had wildlife, we’ve recently tried to note and photograph any wildlife.

We regularly have a red kite surveying our site from on high (and sometimes not that high!).
Since we’ve installed the pond in our welcome garden, we have had frogs and tadpoles galore.
One of our younger gardeners found a newt in a water butt – which we rescued and placed in the safety of the pond.
Plotholders have found frogs in their greenhouses, and we think the picture above right is a toad.
Our Pollinator Garden will hopefully attract butterflies, bees, hoverflies and more.
We have Buddleia and Asters around the site which are often smothered in butterflies and bees.

Can you identify the butterfly / moth below left?  If so, let us know.

In July 2015, a very unexpected visitor …

Here it is up close – a parrot!

Roy and Duncan managed to catch it – Here’s Duncan before it bit him!  They took it to the vets in Ystrad Mynach in hope it can be reconciled with it’s owners.