Our Living Hedge Project, funded by Tesco Bags of Help, is helping us to transform an area around our car park, which had been used as a dumping ground for many years, into a haven for wildlife.  We had to clear out drainage ditches, landscape a banking to remove all sorts of waste, and plant pollinator and wildlife friendly plants.

The ‘Living Hedge’ is a border of espalier style Apple and Pear trees, and we will introduce other planting such as redcurrant / whitecurrant, and lavender later in the season.

This is what it looked like before:


First we had some landscaping done to clear the ditches and create bankings for planting:

And our work in progress early July 2017:

We’ve started planting Apple and Pear Trees around the edge, all the manual work  of installing posts, wires, planting etc has been undertaken by volunteers from our membership.  We still have a lot to do – another 6 trees to go in, and supporting planting.

Our car park area is now looking a lot neater:                                …and our new sign explaining the project.



This project is funded by: